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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How to sell face to face in Mich, what is necessary?

Originally posted by douglasd
No matter how you buy it (Purchase Permit or CPL) you still have 10 days to have it "Safety Inspected" and get your green card.

That is, unless it's changed in just the last couple months.
Wrong, right back at 'ya.

Q: I recently purchased a handgun with my CCW permit. My question is how many days do I have to bring my new handgun to the proper authorities for a safety inspection from the purchase date?

A: There is no time period specified in the statute. The “safety inspection” statute was seen as complementary to the “license to purchase” statute and that statute requires a person to return the completed license to the issuing agency within 10 days of the purchase. I think that the legislature envisioned the safety inspection being done at that time. Since you are exempt from the license to purchase requirements, there is no specified time for the safety inspection. The law would presume that you must do it within a “reasonable time”—whatever that is. I would suggest that you do it within ten days, but that is advice and not “law”. !

Hence the caveat, "However, keeping it reasonable would be a good idea." in my original comment.
__________________ ordinance that seeks to reduce the murder rate, by disarming those owners who are not criminals, makes about as much sense as fighting alcoholism by prohibiting beer sales to Mormons.

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