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Re: No wonder we are losing our rights

Originally posted by hotpig
Check out the T shirt this guy chose to wear. It makes us look like a bunch of nut jobs.
With all due respect, your approach while commendable and appreciated is not the way to get things done. The only thing you are doing is upsetting the people who can make or break things.

Politics is all about negotiation. The approach you need is to research what is important to the person you want to win over and offer them support on one or more of those issue. You need to go out and round up support through other legislators on what you can offer the politician in terms of senate or house votes to give them support on something they want while you getting what you want from them.

This takes significant effort but it can be done. I think it is great you show up to these meetings but you need to handle things in a professional manner. Dress to impress, not to discourage. Yes, what you wear makes a difference. Wear a suit, people will take you seriously in a suit, not in labeled t-shirts.

Speak kindly and do not lecture the public official. Show them the same respect and courtesy you would as you do to a family member. Don't corner them and keep the conversation brief. Hand them a document with your ideas and suggestions kindly detailed and brief. You end the conversation, not them. This encourages them to speak with you again, not avoid you.

Take the time to research other issues that the public offcial is working on. Study those issues and learn how to help them. When you write or speak to them, talk about these issues on top of your issue at hand and what you can do to help them get passed.

We are all residents of IL no matter what party we support or issues we want addressed. You will definitely get their attention if you show you can help them whether they want your assistance or not. Also, lose the video recorder. This only intimidates and does not allow people to be honest with you if they know they are being recorded.

I hope you get the idea otherwise you are doing more harm than good. Obviously what you have been doing is not sucessful with the individual, that means change is required. Keep an open mind...


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