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we got nutjobs.

we fight against nutjobs.

the folks want shall issue CCW don't support open carry, and the fudds don't support EBR's and the cowboy action guys don't care about hi cap mags and the gun 'community' isn't any such thing.

we are as much a community as guys all waiting at the bus stop. outside of our one mutual interest we have not so very much in common.

but to proclaim that our nutjobs don't have any purpose is ludicrous.

we need to LAUGH at our nutjobs.

we need to EMBARASS them into a bit more civil demeanor.

but we don't need to control em, if by 'nutjobs' you mean the contentious and unmannerly.

it's not a huge issue if a CCW holder shoots someone wrongly. it's not a huge issue if a gun owner has imperfect manners. it's not a huge issue that we aren't perfect.

we don't CLAIM to be perfect. i hope. nor without some reasons to apologize occasionally.

gunkid was OUR wingnut. so is zumbo, on another level.

our mistakes aren't going to stop happening because we defend our rights. we don't grow perfection because our answer isn't AS BAD as the answer of unarmed trembling.

yes, i agree seemly behaviour makes more friends, but i am NOT supporting your rights because I'm your friend. i'm your fellow citizen and i'll support your rights if i like you or not.

try that. if we got a wingnut, say, yeah, that's a wingnut, and move on.

if my cousins a drunk, ok, my cousins a drunk.

next point.

you can't ask for personal responsibility and not accept some folks aren't good at it.

that goes with. if you gave everyone a gun, shortly you'ld find out some folks are incompetent to control themselves, and that means incompetent to control guns.

hiding our ignorant doesn't teach them anything. blurring the truth is what got us here.
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