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Downloadable books in PDF

Right click the links and save.

Tracking (.08mb)

US Army Survival Manual (FM 21-76) (2.7mb)

Nature Observation & Tracking (.03mb)

US Army Map Reading and Land Navagation (Field Manual 21-26) (.07mb)

Knots & Splices (1.3mb)

The Art of Travel by Francis Galton 1855 (23mb)

alt link

Aids to Survival - Western Australia (.7mb)

US Military Survival, Evasion and Recovery (FM 21-76-1) (3mb)

Peter McLaren Axe Manual (1930) (3mb)

Solar box cooking (.3mb)

Article about the Ethics of Gatherings (1mb)

Canadian Scout manual (1.6mb)

Pioneering knots and lashings (2mb)

Essentials of archery (2mb)

Hunting with a Bow and Arrow (2.2mb)

Blacksmithing (4mb

Woodsmanship (1954) (5.2mb)

Handbok OVERLEVNAD (7.5mb) (Swedish but lots of pics)

Experiments on Knife Sharpening (8mb)

Camp Life in the Woods and the tricks or Trapping and Trap Making (12.8mb)

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