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First off, I was one of the main people in that thread.

There is no law regarding carrying of guns in a vehicle besides for the one mentioned. If you have a permit, you can carry the gun anyway you want, on your person, in your glovebox, etc. Trust me, the guy who says you can't isn't right.

As for the gun free zones, my understanding of this is that it is not a crime to carry in a place that is marked "no guns allowed". It only becomes a crime if you are told to leave and you either don't, or you come back in and are carrying. Then you are guilty of some form of trespassing, not sure exactly what.

There are alot of rumors about the laws, but you have to read them carefully. The way it works is it's legal unless there is a law that prohibits it. So, unless someone can cite a statute that says, "cannot be in a vehicle with a weapon, even if a permit has been issued, unless said weapon is on ones person and properly concealed in regards to statute xx.xx", it is perfectly legal to have it in your glovebox. Open carry is definitely legal as well, go into any gun store and look at the clerks. However, there are too many people that are scared of guns, and there is the whole "disturbing the peace" statute which can be applied to almost anything.

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