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OK, I'm an avid deer hunter and I respect these animals immensely. I grew up hunting deer in Northern Maine (where they are known for being large and very resilient.)
The smallest rifle caliber I've ever hunted whitetail with is a .270 Win. however, I prefer a .30 cal bullet. I've also used 44 mag in a revolver, primarily from a tree stand.
In the 19 whitetail I've shot, I have never had to track one. They have always been lying on the ground in the same spot they were standing when I broke the shot. Luck? I don't think so. This is the direct result of using the correct tool (read: caliber) combined with shot placement.
.223 is a varmint caliber. Its not suited for whitetail.
Part of being a good hunter/sportsman is using the correct tool. Making a clean kill should be paramount, and 223 does not lend itself to clean quick kills. Anyone who uses a .223 for whitetail {IMO} is an irresponsible hunter who is not giving the animal the respect it deserves. {Flame suit on}

Edited to add: This thread isn't about bow hunting. Start a new thread if you want to change the subject.
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