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Originally posted by IPSC-1
OK, I'm an avid deer hunter and I respect these animals immensely. I grew up hunting deer in Northern Maine (where they are known for being large and very resilient.)
The smallest rifle caliber I've ever hunted whitetail with is a .270 Win. however, I prefer a .30 cal bullet. I've also used 44 mag in a revolver, primarily from a tree stand.
In the 19 whitetail I've shot, I have never had to track one. They have always been lying on the ground in the same spot they were standing when I broke the shot. Luck? I don't think so. This is the direct result of using the correct tool (read: caliber) combined with shot placement.
.223 is a varmint caliber. Its not suited for whitetail.
Part of being a good hunter/sportsman is using the correct tool. Making a clean kill should be paramount, and 223 does not lend itself to clean quick kills. Anyone who uses a .223 for whitetail {IMO} is an irresponsible hunter who is not giving the animal the respect it deserves. {Flame suit on}

Edited to add: This thread isn't about bow hunting. Start a new thread if you want to change the subject.
19 deers falling on the same spots? Yeah uh huh... right...

I have used and seen deers taking solid lung shots with .308 and .30-06 and ran for more than 100 yards before collapsing. Actually upon dressing, I have noticed that .223 tends to pulverizes the lungs more than .308. And when they dropped, they are as dead as door nails.

Unless you have solid hits in the spine, heart the deer is probably gonna run a good distance.
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