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.223 Is A Real Deer Killer

I have seen way too many {Outdoorsmen} at the range who say you have to have -- cal. or a slug to kill a deer. I have then seen the same guy not hold a group in a 10 inch paper plate at 50 yards and then say "I am ready for the deer woods now". Most think if you use a 3 and a half inch slug if you hit deer any place they will go down but that is not true. Poor shot placement with a .50 cal BMG is still poor shot placement. I would rather hit the deer with a well placed shot with a .223/5.56 then a poor shot with a super magnum. The trick to harvesting deer with the .223 is SHOT PLACEMENT. Do not pull the switch untill you are sure you have a killing shot. The .223/5.56 will do a great job with proper bullet and good shot placement.
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