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Just to continue this thread..

I would highly recommend this class to anyone that is in the Charlotte area. I just finished the course this weekend and it was a blast.

If you listen to the instruction and you are willing to try something new, they wont try to change the way you shoot but introduce you to some concepts that will really help.

I always had a problem double tapping and shooting fast and this class really did it for me. By no means in this a marksmanship class, but they will embed proper grip, hand/eye coordination and the fundamentals of shooting 1 second, 1/2 second and 1/4 second shot placement.

I will be taking PT2 as a follow up to this and it was well worth the money..

Just one word of advice, make sure you bring LOTS of water if you plan on taking this during the summer as it gets really HOT inside the range there
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