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Thought I should report back since I started this thread. Also took the Practical Tactical I class this past weekend at Eagle Rock.

Thought the class was excellent. Great instruction and a LOT of shooting. When they talked about shooting 1 sec, 1/2 sec and 1/4 splits I thought there was no way I'd be able to do that.

But once we went over the right grip and more importantly for me, the right trigger control, suddenly 1/4 splits were possible. 8 shots in 2 sec.............WOW. Had never done that before......can't tell you how cool that was. And even better, was hitting within an 8" box.

If you really want to take your skill level WAY up in a short amount of time, take this course. Best investment I've made thus far........that is except for my G19! My confidence level in the ability to defend myself and my family in a self-defense situation went up 100%.

Will be going back for Practical Tactical II in the near future. Outside course shooting while moving..........going to be a blast.

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