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Took the kids last weekend... While trying to find a place to park, I noticed a male wearing a Bass Pro shop shirt and name tag. I rolled down my window and asked about their policy with CCW. I swear on my childrens life this man told me "I REALLY DONT KNOW?" Under his name tag (I wont bus roll him and use his name) was the name of the Dept he worked in at the store......

I kid you not,It read*FINE GUNS*,

I figured after parking damn near out on the 202, and getting No help from an employee, I did not want to have to walk back and put my gun away if there were issues..... So to answer your original post..When you walk in to the second set of doors, it is clearly marked..NO CONCEALED WEAPONS ALLOWED, LOADED OR UNLOADED..right on the glass door you have to open. They have a customer service desk where they will *store* your Gun for you while you shop.. So whomever posted before me saying it was not posted, It is posted,Large,Clear,and in Plain sight,,,BECAREFUL......
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