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Originally posted by hotpig

It is very hard do get them to do it because the people that vote them into office want more gun control. Add to it our Mayor and Governor want more gun control.Crossing to the pro side is almost considered political suicide.

Poking them in the eye with a sharp stick is not the best way to get them to cross the line to your side.

First off,
most folks do not care about gun control. Even the cook AWB question showed that. Majority of the folks did not even vote for it. No yes, or no.

They been keeping this up over the years, even after 9-11

Plus these past two yrs, they want to give illegals DLs, while asking for more laws on citizens

We have a huge deficit, we have *****on issues.
Look at the gridlock right now going on.

We need to keep on the offensive. We need to cause more chaos.
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