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I should be able to make it but I'll be good for one round only.

Gee LA, if you like KAPS this much you may have to get a USPSA membership and start shooting over at SilverCreek as well.

The classifer will be CM 06-06, "Golden Bullet Standards" which features some strong hand/weak hand action.

Click here for the classifier description.

DVC notice:

The regular monthly KAPS match will be held this Sunday, June 24th on the range near Bardstown.

The pistol match will consist of 5 stages including CM06-06 "Golden Bullet Standards".

A minimum of 120 rounds willl be needed to complete the pistol match.

There will be a rifle side match also, and a minimum of 36 rounds will be needed.

Set-up for this match will be at NOON on Saturday, June 23rd, any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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