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Well, I'm back from Louisville. Thanks for the info. I got to stay at the Brown Hotel on 4th. Very nice - and the Hot Brown is quite yummy.

No real troubles. I took a J frame as it went with dress requirements. There were a few panhandlers on 4th between the hotel and convention center but not trouble if you were polite but firm.

Some of the women were intimidated a touch by them.

No time for gun stuff - just work, although I did get to Louisville slugger museum and factory. Got a NY Yankee minibat.

Funny how there is a big sign at the store that you can't put them in the carry on at the airport. Then you get to airport and see scads of them being confiscated. I stowed mine in the checked luggage.

All in all a good time. There was a good Japanese restaurant on Mohammed Ali just off 4th.
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