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Well aside from a .308 battle rifle like an FAL or AR-10, the selection is kinda limited.

Remington still makes the 7400 in various trims and calibers. The one I have in .243 is a horrible shooter, but if it's an upgrade from a Mini-14, probably never notice...

The only other big bore self loader I can think of is the Browning BAR. I've never even held one, but I've heard they are better shooters than the Remington. They are also pretty heavy.

I guess if you're hunting close, a Ruger Deerfield Carbine counts as a hunting rifle. The original version was discontinued because of durability issues, and I have't heard about the new one yet. It's also going to be limited to about 150yds. tops. What and where is he looking to hunt?
10mm... all the power you love from the 20mm, with half the recoil.

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