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What's he going to hunt?, not that it matters.
There's 3 that come to mind instantly... Remington 7400, Browning BAR (pricey), and the Ruger .44MAG carbine. I've got a Remington in .308 with the 18" carbine barrel. It's surprisingly accurate for a semi-auto as far as I'm concerned. 1 1/2 - 2" groups at 100 yards (with a peep sight, no scope) are the norm. More than adequate for deer hunting where I live. But... I've heard others claim the accuracy sucks on theirs (but I wonder if it's the gun, the ammo, or the shooter that sucks).

The Brownings are great guns, and come in magnum calibers. The reason I prefer the Remington... it's lighter, it's cheaper but still good quality, magazine swaps are much quicker, magazines are also much cheaper, and you can get 10 rounders quite easily... just in case it's needed for something other than hunting. ;f

If money is not a concern, and you're willing to part with at least $1,500, you can't beat a Springfield M1A. ;f
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