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Not very experienced at all but here's my .02$ worth.

Browning makes it's BAR in just about any caliber Mr. G&KL might be interested in From .243 , .270, 308, 30-06, on and on for A suggested retail starting at $809 and going up but I have seen them in one store starting at $650.

Similar to the Mini-14 suggests the Mini-30 in 7.62x39 (basically a 308 NATO I understand)

Remington's 7400 model is about the same for caliber choice (a little more limited) as Browning. Suggested retail starts at $520.

Trying to look into a Browning or a Remington myself and I definitely want a Ruger Mini-30 before they are banned. Those are so customizable they can be made to look like an assault rifle. A great way to piss off any gun hating nazis that manage to get into your home and see it.;f ;N Like I said, my two cents worth, take it or leave it.;c
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