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Mags left loaded 10yrs!

I think I have the record for this thread.

After moving to California, I went 10 years without shooting. The whole time my G17 original series #BAxxx was in the factory box, with both (17rd) mags fully loaded with Winchester Hydro-shock.

Took it to the range, fired all 34 w/out mishap. (then reloaded and shot the rest of the box.) BUT the slide failed to lock open on the empty mags.

So I had all the springs replaced, bought 2 more 17rd mags, and have been very happy since. Now I usually load only 16 as the last round is very difficult to load with my stock clip loader. For me, it's not worth the effort to get the last one in.

I also took the opportunity to have an extended slide release installed, as I find it very hard to reach with my short thumbs.

Love shooting my G17, wish I'd bought the G19 at the same time.

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