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help a newbie?

I've been wanting to learn to shoot for awhile. My boyfriend said he'd teach me, but he fails at keeping commitments so I've decided to go it alone. After looking at the various offerings, I went with a Beretta Neos with the 6" barrel. I'm a lefty so no grief about not getting a Ruger please. It'll be mine on Wednesday!

I live in Lexington. Is Bud's the nearest range? Any opinions on it? Are there any other ranges in the area? I'd be particularly interested in ones that allow you to buy bulk time/memberships or offer discounts to female shooters. I'm not picky about indoors or outdoors.

Also, is there anywhere that offers classes beyond the one day CCW? I'm looking to work on my technique and improve my accuracy. I'm not inclined to carry at this time. I figure my knife or my car would be better picks than a poorly aimed .22.

I've searched KY's dept of fish & game, KC3, KSP, etc.'s sites, but I've yet to find an answer regarding outdoor shooting regulations. Is there anything on the books as far as going outside of town and plinking is concerned?
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