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Glad to see another gal breaking into the sport. Don't let your boyfriend's lack of enthusiasm spoil it for you. He's probably just scared you'll get better than he is. (seen that lots) It is a ton of fun and filled with some awesome folks. Nearly everyone that I've run into is helpful and willing to share their knowledge to help make you a better shooter. I shoot in the GLIPSC Thursday night league and enjoy it every time. (even when I screw up and we ALL do from time to time.)

Until you find a range to do live fire shooting, I suggest that you spend lots of time dry fire practicing. There are some wonderful videos that can help you with the basics like grip and proper stance, but if you can't find any you can just go to and watch their video library, especially the ones with Todd Jarrett. I watched one where he talked about shooting prone. The next weekend I was at KAPS and they had a prone shoot at 35 yards. The boys will have to admit that I did darn good at that shoot and even beat some of our best shooters on that target. Dry fire practice on your trigger pull. Try to get as smooth as possible. Look for zero movement when the trigger fires. Go for a smooth trigger pull. Don't try to shoot fast. Shoot slow and steady. The speed will come. (I have to keep reminding myself of that too.)

Lin Edwards at the Bluegrass Sportsmen League has been a tremendous help to me. He will absolutely steer you in the right direction even if you don't think that BGSL is the right club for you.

Good luck and good shooting. Hope to see you shoot some time.

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