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Re: "THE ROAD" by Cormac McCarthy

Originally posted by Primalscream
Oh man! I just finished reading this post-apocalyptic fiction novel, and I have to say that it was phenomenal!

(This reviewer from Amazon sums it up best):
"The Road" is a work of stunning, savage, heartbreaking beauty. Set in the post-apocalyptic hell of an unending nuclear winter, Cormac McCarthy writes about a nameless man and his young son, wandering through a world gone crazy; bleak, cold, dark, where the snow falls down gray; moving south toward the coast, looking somewhere, anywhere, for life and warmth. Nothing grows in this blasted world; people turn into cannibals to survive. We don't know if we're looking at the aftermath of a nuclear war, or maybe an extinction level event -- an asteroid or a comet; McCarthy deliberately doesn't tell us, and we come to realize it doesn't matter anyway. Whether man or nature threw a wild pitch, the world is just as dead.

A man and his 8-year-old son are walking south through a burned-out, ash-covered landscape. They have a shopping cart, binoculars, a revolver with three rounds, and a dozen cans of food. They have hundreds of miles to go and it's snowing.
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