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Re: maybe anyone of you could help me.

Originally posted by DoomonyouMBD
Do any of you know where a good rifle range in SLC is? just bought an AK-47 i am itching to shoot. Thanks
Lee Kay has a 100, 200, and 300 yard range. The 100 is open Wed-Sun. The 200 and 300 I believe are just open on Wednesdays.

Lee Kay is closed Mon and Tue. The range is located at 5600 West and about 2100 South. I take the 201 west and get off at 5600 West then turn right. You then take your first right to get you on a frontage road that takes you to the range.

The 50 yard range is closed to highpower rifle use. You will have to shoot at 100.

Range cost is $4.00 and a $1 for 5 sight-in-targets. Use of eye and ear protection is enforced.
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