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Originally posted by saigonsmuggler

19 deers falling on the same spots? Yeah uh huh... right...

I have used and seen deers taking solid lung shots with .308 and .30-06 and ran for more than 100 yards before collapsing. Actually upon dressing, I have noticed that .223 tends to pulverizes the lungs more than .308. And when they dropped, they are as dead as door nails.

Unless you have solid hits in the spine, heart the deer is probably gonna run a good distance.
You find it hard to believe that I've made 19 clean, one shot kills on whitetail (from a treestand)? Its not suprising this seems impossible to you.
You must be one of the guys using a varmint caliber to shoot whitetail...and it shows.
You know those full size deer targets with the "kill zone" printed on it? Thats where I shoot. Suprising as it may sound, they are always laying on the ground dead as a doornail. Never had one run and I don't intend to.
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