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Eye Dominance Problem

Hey Newbie,

Your lucky to have access to the FATS machine. I love training on it
my employer actually owns one and I always hit the bad guys. Remember
you can't shoot fast enough to make the misses count! (Old Saying).

From what you have mentioned it sounds like you are fairly new to
shooting I guess. Wilson Combat in AK. a custom 1911 manufacturer,
has a VCR tape on the Glock that I purchased a longtime ago. Bill
Wilson demonstrates proper stance, sight alingment, trigger pull and
much more on the tape. Try calling them or check
and their tapes may help you through the basics.

Eye dominance, meaning the eye you use to focus in the best, must be
determined for you to properly hit the target with a handgun. You
can determine which eye is your dominante eye by aiming an "unloaded"
handgun through the gun sights at a target, close one eye determine
your sight picture, then in the same stance & sights close the other
eye and determine your sight picture. Try this, I know it might not
be explained like a professional trainer, but I think you'll know
what I mean if you try each eye separatly through the gun sights.

Your accuracy may be very simple to fix if you are using the wrong eye
to sight with to hit the Bad Guys on the FATS machine.

You'll also save a lot of money on ammo using the FATS.

Good shooting
If you shoot any creature on earth in the face, it will tend to leave you alone.
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