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Re: Eye Dominance Problem

From what you have mentioned it sounds like you are fairly new to shooting I guess.
This is true. I've had the opportunity to get to know various guns, but have yet to do more than dry-fire one. Thinking about it the other day, I always seem to be doing so in the dark as well. I'm looking forward to going to the range this weekend and having the chance to shoot with the lights on, with a pistol I can use left-handed, and not having to give it back at the end of the day.

Bill Wilson demonstrates proper stance, sight alingment, trigger pull and much more on the tape.
Thanks for the rec. I'll be sure to check that out.

Eye dominance, meaning the eye you use to focus in the best, must be determined for you to properly hit the target with a handgun.
I think I've got eyes and hands down now. Innately, I'm left-handed. However, my parents switched me when I was younger and so I'm quasi-ambi/mixed dominance now. Initially I thought I was right-handed, left-eyed. Turns out that left-handed, left-eyed was easier for me. Right eye's about as strong as the left, but I see no reason to be cross-dominant. I think more practice, more light, and lefty-friendly controls will go a long way towards helping me out.

You'll also save a lot of money on ammo using the FATS.
Alas, that was a one-time occurrence as a part of our Citizen Police Academy class. [/plug] We got to use the crayola Glocks last Tuesday in our building search exercise and while I've got the handling rules down, it's just not the same. I figure my .22 will be the next cheapest thing for practice. If I can find a nice middle of nowhere friendly farm, I'll be set for cheapness.
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