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Originally posted by alphacat
Looks like I might be a snowbird this winter.
My sister moved back to Benson AZ last month and she wants me to come down and spend the winter at her place.

Come on down!

The "Golden Age" of Az Snowbirding has been over for a decade. More crowded and expensive these days. And you may be surprised and dismayed by the number of illegal aliens. But the winter weather is still perfect.

Obtaining a Concealed Carry Permit is a priceless liberty, not available in lots of other states. So get yourself one, and savor it.

Consider yourself welcome. Spend lots of money. Stay as long as you like. But if you're just discovering the charms of Arizona, you're way behind the curve.

This is the perfect time to get out of the zone. We appreciate new ethusiasts like you. We have many homes, ranches, and resorts to sell to you at very reasonable prices.
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