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I'll go home in the spring.

I've been to my sister's house lots of times before but I've never spent a long time there. I'm not sure how long we can be together before we start to fight like we did as kids. We'll see. I'm going to drive, so I guess I can leave at anytime I need to.
I'd like to own one of those trailer homes in one of those gated parks that have lots of stuff to offer us old folks. They have several of those in and around Benson. I'll take a look while I'm there.
My sis lives in a place called "Mescal Lakes", maybe I should take my fishing pole. You can see a movie set from her front yard, I hope they are filming a western while I'm there.
I'm looking forward to taking ccw classes. I'll have to do some checking on scheduling.
Ride 'em cowboy.
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