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Backpacking with a "Thunder Five"?

I was looking for a good all-around pistol for protection during my forays into the hills, and figured that as much as i like my G19, a revolver would be my best bet for protection from those pesky two and four legged varmints out there. I figured i would be stuck getting a .44 with a 4" bbl, but i found a wheelgun called the Thunder Five. This is a 5 shot, 2" bbl revolver that accepts .410 shotshells, or .45LC in it's looong cylinder. It's supposed to be accurate out to 10 yds, which is fine, 'caude i'm not gonna hunt with it, andit's about 48 oz., whick is fine, too.
I was wondering if any of you has had any expierience with it pistol, be it good or bad, and would appreciate any and all feedback on this pistol, or another good choice. I am not too knowledgeable on six-shooters(uhh, five in this case), and it just seems like the multi-tool of revolvers. Slugs, Buckshot, Birdshot, .45LC, and dont they make flare ammo in .410? Man, i hope it's a good gun, cause it looks awesome, like a .38 snub on crack...
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