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Hit What You AIM at!!

You cant miss fast enough to win (or to survive) If you hunt responsibly you need to be on target.

I go to our local "Sight in Days" at the range, and watch guys sight in the 300 ultra-mag and say it's for deer. Then they go shoot the "Running Buck". This is a Mule Deer target that moves away from you from about 100yards to 130, yards at an angle full speed it is realistic of shots taken in the field here(Not too many tree stands around too much brush.).

It has been my experience that many folks do well on the sand bags, and miss on the moving target. It is fantastic reality based training. Ok. It is also a lot of fun. I find that I can hit right were I aim with my AR. while some of the guys with bigger bore guns do not fare as well.

In Western Oregon(RAIN FOREST)shots are usualy under 200 yards.

For those ranges the 64 grn JSP Winchester Power Point Plus works like a charm.

Happy Safe Hunting All.
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