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My boy is 4 and absoltely loves the Academy of Natural Science Museum, which is right by the Frnaklin Institute- you can see it from the fromt steps of the F.I., in fact. It's the one with the statues of dinosaurs out front. Maybe... 18th? and the Ben Franklin Parkway.

There's also a pretty good pizza place right behind the F.I. (go out the front and turn right, turn right at the corner [Cherry street, I believe, but can't swear to it], and then there it is at the end of that block, on the other side of the street.)

Oh, and you're also right in the vicinity of the Please Touch Museum, which is GREAT for kids. However, i don't know what state it is in right now- they're moving to a new location soon. This may have no effect on the current location whatsoever at this time, but it may also be half packed up and ready to go, I don't know.
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