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I was really happy about the article. My one very small complaint is this passage:

“There are people in that book,” he says, nodding at Armed America, “I’d be scared to be in the same room with.”

There are scary people in Armed America.

Like Dan from Oregon: “The sheer joy of one-handing the Bushmaster XM18 makes you feel like Robocop when you’re shooting toilets out in the middle of nowhere.”

And baby-faced, shaven headed, and black-combat-pants-and-sleeveless-T-shirt-wearing Ochressandro from New Mexico: “I have sworn eternal enmity to the forces of socialism and control … I have read Gulag Archipelago and I will not let it happen here without a fight.”
I wasn't referring to either of the dudes he mentions. In fact, I think the 2nd dude rules- he's the guy wearing the shirt that says something like "Faith in Government flies in the face of both reason and history." Rock on.

But really, prety minor in the grand scheme of things- ESPECIALLY considering it was printed in the philly Weekly- home of gun-hating Kia Gregory (who, herself, carrys, BTW) and many others.

I took Mr. Wells shooting, too- he briefly mentions the fun of shooting a target of a skeleton weilding a knife with an AK- that was us.

Oh, wait- I did have one other complaint. He refers to "Butter"- the dude that was shot 21 times by police unleashing 85 shots- as "mentally ill".

Being high on PCP does not count as mental illness in my book. Waving a gun at cops while dusted is just straight up stupid and earns your dumb ass a shooting. Not falling after being shot by police earns you 19 more shootings. Sorry.

But all in all, a left wing Englishman writing for the Philly Weekly certainly could have done a hatchet job on us if he wanted to. I think he did a damn good job.

(And with respect to his leftist views- he said to me on the way home from the range, "as a left winger, I really f'ng hate bleeding heart liberals!")
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