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noob here, and new to MI

Hi all. My name is Bill and I'm now a Glockaholic.

I moved to Michigan last year, got my CCW a few months ago, and found GT last week.

I've already dropped quite a bit of money at the Firing Line, including my latest toy, a Glock 21. After 15 years of shooting, this is my first Glock.

I have to admit to being quite overwhelmed at the size of GT and the number of members and posts. Holy crap, this is one of the biggest fora I've ever seen! I don't even know where to start.

I'm looking forward to learning a lot from the folks on here. My buddies and I are at the Firing Line at least once a month, so I hope I might get a chance to meet some of you.

Some pretty funny smilies, though. What is this thing anyway? And these?
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