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The Gift of Fear, by Gavin de Becker

This is a nonfiction book about avoiding becoming a victim of violent crime and dealing with it if you find yourself the target of one. Very interesting book, and must reading for anybody interested in survival. The author interviewed many people who survived attacks and talks a lot about our intuition which often warns us about "something being wrong" with a situation, but which we often ignore because of various reasons, many of which aren't good reasons. Some women, for example, ignore those warnings in some situations because they don't want to make a scene, and they end up getting raped or killed. Isn't making a scene better than that?

Just finished another fiction story to add to the list, too. It's A Gift Upon the Shore, by M.K. Wren. Not too bad a book, but it's got that one little detail that annoys me about a lot of modern stories and movies. Any time they mention survivalists in them, they have to be bad guys(generally reveals a bit of a "liberal" bias on the author's part). Means they've fallen for the media stereotype of the camo-clad, gun-toting survivalist. Like the Holnists in The Postman.
Still, it wasn't too bad a book. I've added it to my list and my collection.

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