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Police kept my 2 guns overnight

My friend had to quickly move to California, and decided to give me 2 very old handguns he had, rather then trying to bring them to Cali.

One of them is a very old 1911 handgun, made in the 1930's. It's beat up, hasn't been shot in over 20 years, but I am excited to shoot it & hopefully fix it up.

Anyway, we met at my local police station, filled out the RI60 forms, and we waited. We were talking for maybe 20 minutes, because it's his last day in Michigan, and weren't concerned about the waiting.

At 4:30, the lady claimed their computer was "down" for an unknown amount of time, and they had to "hold them" until they got cleared.

My freind was leaving, so he could not re-posses them. So I had no choice, because they weren't mine yet & the records department was closing.

They didn't even want to give me a copy of my RI-60's, but I argued, how would I have a record? They finally gave the 2 original RI-60 forms, and said to wait until they called me before I come back.

Is this common, or should I be alarmed?
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