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i've never played with that gun but always recommend a nice wheel gun for backpacking protection. (i'm a glock lover through and through but...) If you do get attacked by an animal and you have to fire, a wheel gun is usally your best bet. Say the animal knocks ya' on the ground and gets on top of ya'. Your going to be pushing your gun pretty much into the rib cage of a bear/cougar/bobcat,etc..... As much as I love my Glocks, in this scenerio they have a good chance of not going off. If the slide is pushed into the animals belly/ribcage/slide etc... it will not fire if pushed back just a hair. A wheel gun doesn't matter, you can push the thing into the animal and fire away. The Taurus tracker mentioned above is a great gun and comes in some great calibers, i.e... .45LC (which you can get +P loads for), .41mag, .375mag, .44mag. All of which would make great rounds for two or four legged beasts. (of course hopefully if your being charged you can fire before hand where a Glock would be great but you know old Mr. Murphy... animals can be awful quite and sneaky )
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