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Originally posted by Pima Pants
I went today (Saturday) and used the east entrance. Parked very close to the store. Saw no signs at all. In Arizona, I ignore them anyway. Walking inside with a concealed weapon is not breaking the law. It's just their store policy and doesn't have the force of law.
Actually it does. If there is a sign and you are caught carrying concealed, that sign is pretty much considering a reasonable request that you refused to abide by (kindof like if you went into a store w/no sign, was printed, asked to leave, and you refused). Hence, you would at least lose your permit (I forget the actual penalty, I believe it's a misdemeanor).

Choose to ignore the laws, but don't assume that there are no repercussions! The store owner won't be able to hold you, but if he/she reports you to the police, your life will suck!
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