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Originally posted by Xenia
I didn't think they actually did an inspection. The two guns I took to the sherrifs office were only looked at enough to get the serial number to type into the computer.
They don't "inspect" anything. It is simply a registration process that they label an inspection to make people feel better about it.

They pass the gun around in the back room to any officers who are gun guys, they all handle it and play with it for a bit while the clerk runs the serial number through the computer.

As long as it isn't stolen they register it to you as the owner and hand it back.

I regularly have officers come to the front and BS with me about the guns I'm having "inspected." We have quite a few gun guy cops at my local PD.

The (attractive) girl who works the front counter is fun to talk to as well, and she admits that there is no inspection being done.

I don't really mind the run around as I am pretty lucky with the staff of my local PD, but I have heard some terrible stories of other offices.
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