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I'm attending a community college presently, but I've attended MSU and worked security (Army ROTC) athte home football games. At EMCC, they use rent-a-guards, who can't carry guns because one had a ND 3 years ago while sitting on the pooper, she shot herself in the back side or foot.

Actual cops, such as at MSU, are well equiped, decently trained, and quite level headed.

The rent a cops (actually guards), are economically depressed folks who wear ill fitting uniforms and occasionally get on power trips.

My point (that I made in the other thread) was to inform the higher ups, so they can take the steps necessary to insure everything stays peaceful. The who cares part was in reference to who cares if they get flusterd, if you're not breaking the law, you're fine. Carrying an empty holster isn't a passive action, it's intent is to generate a reaction/debate.
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