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Clark County LVMPD Process

Went today to drop off my app.

Got there about 8:15 AM and the parking lot was, for the most part, empty. Thought, great, this is going to be quick. It was for the most part but not as quick as I had hoped.

Went in and told them I was there for a CCW. They gave me a 300 number and i went in and had a seat in the lobby.

There were 7 people ahead of me (I could tell because of the numbers).

When your number is called, you go over to the side windows. I believe window number 4 is the CCW window. There was only one window open for CCW's.

After you give them your app and sign the 2 forms in front of them, you give them your blue cards, Drivers license, and money order/cashiers check. They create a file for you, get your receipt and then fill out a sheet that you then take with you to window number 6. You don't wait to be called, you just walk up to it.

So you go up there and they ask for your ID and number again. They also ask if you have had a work card or CCW before. I had a work card so they were able to pull up my SCOPE. He went off that, wrote some stuff on the sheet they gave me at the first window then scanned my thumb (I assume as a verification measure). Then they told me to go to the back and have a seat and wait for them to call my number for the fingerprinting and photo.

After waiting back there for about 20 minutes, they called me up, asked for my ID again and asked to see my hands. Then they scanned my fingerprints and told me to have a seat for the photos. I waited another 10 minutes and then they called me up for my photo. I had to show my ID again and then had to stand behind their podium and look ahead at the camera. After they take the picture, you sign on the pad that scand your signature into the computer that will be on your CCW permit card. After that they tell you to go have a seat in the main lobby and wait for your number to be called to window number 10.

After sitting out there for 20 minutes and counting 13 other people waiting for the same thing, they finally started calling numbers up. They called me, asked for my ID, and told me my card came out okay and that they would send it out after the background comes back clean and that i was free to go. Literally about 20 seconds.

So i ended up getting out of there at 10 AM. Not too bad but not nearly as quick as i thought. The reason is because after you get called to the CCW window, you are in the flow with the rest of the people there for work cards, child care cards, and other stuff. That is where the slow down comes. They only had 2 fingerprint techs working and had 3 fingerprint stations unmanned out of 5. One person taking photos as there is only one place for the photos. We'll see how long it takes for the cards to come.
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