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Originally posted by Dan0076
Although I'm a member of VCDL and I was present at the council meeting I don't agree that a general statement like that is representative of the NPD.
Okay -- what did I miss? What "general statement" are we talking about? The only quote I saw from VCDL said "Apparently you have some officers who don't understand the law," -- that seems pretty specific (and accurate) to me.

One of my good friends is a Norfolk cop -- and even he will tell you that there are serious attitude problems in the department (like he's told me). Those attitudes are encouraged and enabled by the bungling City Council and other idiots like Paul Fraim. If he could hold down another job, maybe he would stop being mayor (but why give up on the current welfare program?). A city attorney who doesn't know that Virginia has a preemption law? Turn in your juris doctorate - or head south...I think there's an opening for a State prosecutor somewhere around Duke!

I predict that next years' Harbor Fest will be even more confrontational -- they may not arrest gun owners for carrying, but I bet they harass them for anything and everything else they can think of. Rather than admit they were wrong on all counts, they're circling the wagons and I expect that they'll find a way to reassert their "authority" just so people don't forget who they are.

I hope I'm wrong...

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