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Originally posted by Jerseycitysteve
I don't tell you these things not because I hate gun rights, you, or your organization. I believe the VCDL will win some battles in the short term but lose the war of public opinion. The MSM is circling around you guys and waiting for a public meltdown.

When I used to do some political consulting, I would look at my client through the eyes of supporters, opponents, and the disinterested. I can only tell you that most of the public aren't sophisticated enough to make such fine distinctions between members and official spokesmen of political organizations.

The tone and the language of VCDL supporters on the tapes speaks for itself. The VCDL supporters/members made Mayor Fraim appear to be a model of decorum and moderation. That's a neat trick.

I suggest you pay for a public relations consultation because free advice is worthless.

For example, these guys the best but you'll get the best.

The problem is that I have NO control over what a member says on his own dime. Nor would I be so arrogant as to try. Chet spoke from his heart and HE was the one falsely arrested - not you or me. Chet had every right to say what he did in my opinion.

Overall, our members are well spoken, know the gun laws as well, or better, than most police, attorneys, magistrates and judges. They also behave in a polite and restrained manner at public events.

You are correct - the public may not know who speaks for the group and who doesn't. That is very frustrating, but I see no alternative but to accept that as part of the deal.

What is 'MSM' that is circling around us waiting for a public meltdown? Whoever or whatever they are, I hope they have a lot of time on their hands.
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