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Gilmore! - setting the bar low aren't we?

I'm an independent, a fiscal conservative and a social libertarian would come close to describing me. I'm not affiliated with either of the controlling parties because I think they're all idiots, although for different reasons.

I'm surprised to see people here talking about supporting Gilmore. Other than the car tax issue, which was a double edged sword, he didn't do a damn thing here in 4 years. He left the state in a bad way financially and Mark Warner had to work pretty hard to straighten things out. I don't think highly of Bush and I think even less of Gilmore. Gilmore couldn't run the state. Gilmore couldn't run the RNC. And Gilmore doesn't stand a snowball's chance in h@ll of running the country. THANK GOODNESS! Gilmore has failed in all his attempts at running a large organization, whether a state government or political party.

With Allen, been there, done that, too much baggage.

Of the names mentioned so far I think Mark Warner is by far and away the best choice. He would do what is best for VA and would stand up to those democrats who want to take away our 2nd ammendment rights. I'd vote for the best person for VA first, and the USA second, regardless of party affiliation.

I am glad John Warner is stepping down. He's been living off his resume for way too long now and not really doing anything useful. It's time for some fresh blood.

Now if we can just get rid of that idiot Moran from my district. One of this guy's lackeys came to our house to ask questions. My wife answered the door and he asked to speak to the man of the house. She told him I was busy and said she would talk to him. He said, no thanks, I want to speak to the man of the house. I heard this from the next room and was laughing because my wife is a democrat and would be a much better target for this guy than me.

So anyway I walk to the door and ask him what he wants. He has a big Moran button on his shirt and asks me what's the most important issue to me right now. I said term limits. He says, excuse me? I said, TERM LIMITS. The doofus just turns around and walks away. Yeah, he collected good information that day. Just wanted rubber stamp bozos who don't know the issues or know Moran's record (both in and out of the House).

Boy did you guys open a can of worms.

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