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It probably was not you. The cameras in Scottsdale are set to go off at 11 MPH over the R&P.

The ticket does go to the R.O. of the vehicle. At that point you can do a couple of things....

1) You will get the ticket in the mail that has a color photo of the violator and a picture of the plate. If the picture is not of you then you can check a box saying so. There is a field below that where you can identify the driver if you wish (I don't know who does).

2) If the picture is of you then just throw the ticket out.

The city will then send a process server to hand deliver the ticket to you.

Dodge the server for 120 days and the charge will be dismissed without prejudice.

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City of Scottsdale Photo Enforcement Program

Fixed Detection System Locations

Mobile Enforcement Van Schedule (.pdf)
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