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Originally posted by Fungunner
I'd definitely vote for a pro-gun (ugh) Democrat, over Tom Davis and his anti-gun wife, Senator DD.
I see you got that BS political mailing from her too. Her campain has a contact email address listed, and I sent a polite message asking where she stands on gun control and the 2nd ammendment. I invited her to clearly state her opinion and stand behind it. I ended my message by saying that my wife and I are gun owners and that we vote. I didn't even get an automated response.

One of the things that gets me fired up is wishy-washy political double speak. Damn it, if you have a position, state it clearly and stand behind it. I can respect somebody who can intelligently articulate their position, even if I don't agree with it. JDD's political flier did not contain one single clear, concise, position statement. Just fuzzy feel good BS about families and not wanting to go to another funeral of a youngster killed by firearms. Even my wife laughed at the flier, and she's a democrat.

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