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Originally posted by Gunboat1
This situation in Norfolk has recently made me get off the fence and join VCDL, after several years of supporting their actions without being a member. The Norfolk city government and police department clearly think they can do whatever they wish with regards to harassing gun owners who choose to exercise their 2A carry rights. They are mistaken. Kudos to VCDL for taking up this fight. Please continue to hold their feet to the fire.

Now, on to repeal of the ridiculous restaurant CCW ban. In my opinion, that should be VCDL's #1 legislative priority.

Excellent point. There was a time when every police car's door was printed with the words:

"Protect and Serve"

Those words echoed the rights (ALL the rights) embodied in our constitution. Ask any 1st year law student what the main purpose of our constitution is and they will tell you: "To protect the rights of the people from their own government." How has this lesson been lost on many of today's law enforcement officers?

While its likely that most of Norfolk's officers are honest, well-meaning public servants, it is apparent that there are bad apples in the rank and file and that there may be a pervasive attitude problem whaen it comes to their collective understanding of citizens' civil rights.

Perhaps these civil servants need to start over, beginning with the concept of "To Protect and Serve."

" Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Call the anti-gun, "Violence Policy Center" shill group, "American Hunters & Shooters Assoc." and tell them to go to heck! (202) 315-3370
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