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For some reason (and it is something I have wondered about for decades) US Represenatives are referred to as "Congressmen"; i.e., Congressman Chip Pickering, Congressman Bennie Thompson, etc.

But US Senators are refrerred to as "Senators"; i.e., Senator Trent Lott, Senator John Stennis, etc.

It is true. Both houses are part of Congress, but Senators are never referred to as Congresmen.

I'm not sure why.

PS: To you unbelievers---Nolo is young. Thad is old. Most Mississippi voters don't know diddly about candidates. They vote based upon name recognition.

They go in the poll booth and say, "I've heard of this guy. Click."

Nolo is not stupid or naive. He is most likely planning for the long term, not the short term.

Conservatives have faith in individuals; liberals put their faith in the government.

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