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+1 on the bank

I wasn't sure about the copies, so I got my application notarized at the bank first, then made copies.

The civil intake desk can be busy so I would suggest getting the copies yourself at a Kinko's, library, etc... and not hold up the line at the courthouse. Just bring 3 copies of everything, don't forget your SAS envelope and you're good to go.

I submitted my application to Fairfax on 7/27 and I received my permit on 8/30, only 34 days later. My permit was post dated for 9/04 though.

One more thing to smooth your time at the Fairfax courthouse. If your cellphone has a camera, leave it in your car. Otherwise, you'll need to drop off your phone at the phone check before security, and retrieve it on the way out. Two more lines can be avoided by not bringing it in with you to begin with.

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