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Originally posted by Jerseycitysteve

When I used to do some political consulting, I would look at my client through the eyes of supporters, opponents, and the disinterested. I can only tell you that most of the public aren't sophisticated enough to make such fine distinctions between members and official spokesmen of political organizations.
By your logic, you could have made the statement "NRA calls Norfolk Police thugs", since most members of the VCDL are also members of the NRA.

We the members, don't speak for the NRA - just as we the members, don't speak for the VCDL.

All I ask of ANY police dept. is to obey the laws they have sworn to enforce - if they can't do that, they should not be on the job.

I have nothing but respect for the men and women who put on the badge each day - they do a tough job. But having a tough job doesn't allow you to break the law.

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