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Senator, I think you're missing a good publicity opportunity if you pass on my idea of organizing clean-up of remote local ranges.

This is a résumé' item that won't cost much. The idea is for you to organize the people here (and from wherever you can get them) to meet at one of these rural ranges to clean it up. I'll even donate the garbage bags.

Everyone doesn't have to cross the entire state but could help with ranges within reasonable driving distance to them. No-one has to make every trip.

Carpooling is also an option. Throw some rakes and work gloves in the trunk then pile in for a road trip. Talk guns and shooting on the way there and complain about sore backs on the way home. Before heading back we all could eat lunch at some local establishment (talk more guns).

The local guys would be responsible for disposing of what is collected (that may include appliances if my suspicions are correct). A picture should be taken before and after so a story could be told at some point.

Yeah, the ranges will get trashed again but the helping hand gives the locals a chance to catch-up on the trash. A notice could be posted explaining what was done to clean the place up. It wouldn't be a bad idea to let the property owners know what was done.

You could start a movement......
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