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surf rigs mainly come in two different catagories:

1: conventional reel, longer casting and more power for fighting fish. Also usually has a higher line capacity over spinning rig. downsides is casting, it takes some time to handle these rigs, but once mastered, 150-200 yard casts are not out of the question. My recommendations for reels would be the Penn GS series, Diawa Grandwave, Abu Garcia 7000, and Shimano Speedmasters. these are all according to what size line your planning on using.

2: spinning reel, shorter casts but with more ease. Less picky reel, lower maintence and care needed. downsides are the shorter distance that can be cast as compared to a well tuned conventional reel. Drags are also usually smaller and have less power than conventional reels, but most are still easily enough to handle any fish you can find. I'd recommend the Penn SS or Powergraph series, any of the larger Shimano's *Sedona, Sahara or Stradic*, Diawa's Regal Z or Jupiter series also work well.

For rods, you'll get more distance for a longer rod, so most surf rods are a minimum of 8 feet, with an average of 10 to 12 feet. Diawa Sealine series are excellent rods, along with Penn Newport rods. And then there is the venerable Ugly stick, both of my conventional surf rigs are mounted on 10 foot Uglies.

hope this helps...tight lines
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